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About Us

The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt

 The Science of Business is a Theory of Constraints consultancy.  We are TOCICO certified experts and the world’s leading authorities on applying Theory of Constraints to custom job shops and machine shops were the constraint can move frequently.

“Dr Lisa” Lang, the founder of Science of Business, worked with Dr Goldratt and discovered that job shops were a unique case.  In job shops the moving constraint makes it difficult to achieve the goal — maximizing profitability.  It’s difficult to chase and then leverage a moving target!  So Science of Business was started to focus on these tough cases.  

Since 2001 we have been putting our money where our mouth is.  We do results based consulting whenever possible, typically for longer term partnerships.  In those cases, 20% to 80% of our fees are based on your results.  And these fees are based on actual bottom-line results, not just accomplishing some task.  If your profits don’t increase then you don’t pay the bonuses.  Period. 

Our philosophy is simple – we help clients maximize profits.  Our results oriented approach is driven by helping our clients to FOCUS on what’s necessary to achieve the results they are after and to LEVERAGE their existing resources to achieve those results. Most often clients are able to achieve more with their current resources.

We believe in working collaboratively with our clients to ensure transfer of skills and lasting changes.  Our engagements are anything from a brief training or assessment to a 14 week coaching program to a Viable Vision project lasting 4 years or more.  

If you have read The Goal and want similar results.  Let’s talk and see if we can help. Fill out the form on this page to schedule a time.